The Tomatina has become famous worldwide but read on for other lesser-known fiestas!

The tomato-throwing festival known as La Tomatina and the San Fermín running of the bulls have become famous worldwide. But there are more, many more!
The Spanish word “fiesta” means party but it also can be translated as festival. Every village, town, city has its own and they are taken VERY seriously! The most important celebrations even get a special title: “Fiesta de Interés Turístico Nacional” or Festival of National Touristic Merit and here we talk about just a few of these.

Bous a la Mar

Like it or not bulls are associated with Spain and in some seaside towns they celebrate “Bous a la Mar” or Bulls to the Sea. Half of the temporary bullring is on land and the other half is in the sea. The idea is to get the bull to fall into the water … more often than not it’s the people who get wet!

A Rapa das Bestas

In Galicia residents are joined by volunteers to herd wild horses down from the mountains where the “aloitadores”, with their strength and technique, dominate the animals to cut the manes of the horses – “A Rapa das Bestas”.

Photo courtesy of Carmen Cristino

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