Las Merindades, located in Castilla y León

Are you dreaming about getting away from the city and out to the countryside? If you are read on as we’ve got the perfect place for you!

It is an area called “Las Merindades”, located in Castilla y León and bordered by Cantabria and the Basque Country.

A paradise for nature lovers, for hikers, for bikers, for birdwatchers, with two Natural Monuments and two Natural Parks. The landscape varies from wide valleys to dramatic narrow canyons where the rivers have carved through the limestone rock and from forests to arable lands, interspersed with cute villages. One of these is Frias, officially included in the list of “Pueblos Más Bonitos de España” (The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain), but there are plenty more worth a visit, with their churches, castles, palaces, defensive towers, medieval bridges, monasteries and hermitages.

The area is easily accessed from the major cities of Bilbao, Vitoria or Burgos so is perfect for a road trip for families, couples or small groups wanting to get away from the densely populated urban areas. The warmest and driest weather is from June to September, but the Autumn foliage makes this also a spectacular time of the year to visit.

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